Rahman Gahramanov Inter at E.ON Global Commodities SE

Rahman Gahramanov

During my study period, I was highly interested in cultural exchange. As Azerbaijan Student Network (ASN) was organizing variety of successful cultural projects, I decided to be a member of the network and use these unique opportunities. One of these projects aimed to increase cultural awareness about Azerbaijan abroad. I was one of those students, who distributed books about rich history and culture of Azerbaijan to organizations, authorities, and persons in Germany. Moreover, ASN tries to bring together talented Azerbaijani students studying in Germany and facilitate their interaction with businesses. By this way, ASN in cooperation with Index- Center for Human Capital Development of Azerbaijan organized for me the internship at E.ON Global Commodities SE.

E.ON Global Commodities SE is a trading unit of the E.ON Group and one of the leading players in European energy market. It is worth to mention, that ASN and Index- Center for Human Capital Development of Azerbaijan organize internships in international companies like E.ON, where students get more possibilities for self-development and further career opportunities.

I had very good start in Strategic Market Analysis department. I was in a team of 4 senior analysts, which was quite demanding. I could learn a lot about oil and gas markets while assisting Macroeconomics team in their analysis and forecasting based on IEA, U.S. EIA, Woodmackenzie and other energy databases. This helped to develop my analytic skills and get strong insight of main market trends. After building strong background about gas markets, I moved to Gas Trading desk. By assisting Europe’s leading gas traders, I learned how E.ON assets (underground storage capacities, pipeline capacities etc.) are optimized, how based on this the financial and physical gas trading is executed, which virtual gas markets (OTC and Gas exchanges) exist and which trading strategies are undertaken in volatile European gas hubs. I would like also to mention the online education platform of E.ON, which is called E.ON Academy Online. As a newcomer to the energy field, it was very helpful for me to obtain as much as possible theoretical knowledge about energy trading operations for the successful accomplishment of my tasks. Therefore, I took variety of certified courses about Gas Trading, Transport, and Sales in this virtual platform. My performance was highly valued by E.ON colleagues and they prolonged my stay at the company for more 3 months as a working student in Gas Supply East & Caspian Origination team. Currently, I am assisting the organization of cooperation programs and management level trainings with eastern partners like SOCAR and Gazprom. This gives me a chance to be in the heart of global energy cooperation and acquire knowledge about diverse areas of cooperation. E.g. In May, I will be will assisting HR Exchange Program with SOCAR, where I will have a chance to get deep insights in “Modern HR technologies of E.ON Group” via participating at workshops and seminars.

The international environment at E.ON created an opportunity for me to organize “Azerbaijani Day” event with colleagues. Over a coffee meeting with traditional Azerbaijani sweeties, many employees had a chance to enjoy beautiful nature and tourism opportunities of our country.

I reported my valuable internship experience during SOCAR-E.ON 2.Coordination Committee Meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany. I also shared with the audience successful cultural projects, which I undertook as an active ASN member. The presentation was very welcomed by high level attendees of both companies.

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