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Language Unity Of Azerbaijan, Molla Nasreddin in Tabriz (1920-1921)

Language Unity of Azerbaijan, Molla Nasreddin in Tabriz (1920-1921) Majid Vazifeh Amandi Ph.D. Student at Humboldt University of Berlin Molla Nasreddin was one of the genius literature and journalistic works of the beginning 20th century that had profound effects on the Middle East in general, and Azerbaijani society in particular. Started from the Tbilisi 1906-1917, Weiterlesen

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Fascist disgraced himself in Germany becomes honorary guest in “NKR”

Vestnik Kavkaza In late May, the German MPs from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party visited the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, where they met with “colleagues” from the unrecognized “NKR”. The fact that Bundestag MP Stefan Keuter was among the guests invited by Armenian nationalists to the occupied territories, suggests that they are brought together by Weiterlesen